On the same day that the International Olympic Committee announced it would postpone the Tokyo 2020 games until 2021, Puma applied to register the trademark PUMA TOKYO 2021 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  The application covers a variety of apparel, footwear, accessories, and sporting equipment. 

The United States Olympic Committee owns three U.S. registrations for TOYKO 2020.  Thus far, it has not applied to register any TOKYO 2021 marks, likely because the IOC plans to stick with the 2020 designation.  Doing so allows the IOC and other Olympic Committees to rely on the TOKYO 2020 registrations that they began efforts to secure almost a decade ago.  It also recognizes the vast amount of merchandise and other materials bearing 2020 that has already been produced by organizers, sponsors, and merchandizers.  Reproducing the same materials with 2021 is likely both cost-prohibitive and not possible given the timing.

Whether Puma will be able to secure a registration for PUMA TOKYO 2021 remains to be seen.  The USOC—backed the Amateur Sports Act—aggressively protects its rights in its trademarks and it would not be out of character for it to object to Puma’s application or use of the mark here.